Do you remember the days when your Mum would have you wrapped up covering every inch of skin from the cold? Well don't worry because we are not talking about that kind of layering, we are talking about the layering were it is acceptable to wear different layers and look like we have stepped off the catwalk at London Fashion Week. Well, we call this SLAY-ering!

Many would agree that Autumn/Winter is the season that brings out the best in our inner fashionista, being able to experiment with textures, colour clashing, print on print and the best part of all, the layering up! Just by throwing on a few more items than the basic top and jeans combo, can make your outfit from a Michelle to a Beyonce (sorry Michelle!). Pretty much, any thing goes...

And by that we don't mean, throw on as many items as possible like Joey from friends...

But if you own the very simple essentials, your pretty much ready to go.

Here are the essentials needed in creating your perfect outfit:

•An oversized shirt

• A chunky knit

• A midi skirt

• An oversize statement coat/jacket

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If you have all four, you will be able to create some killer looks and as an added bonus, it will keep you warm from our typical English weather.

Here's our stylist's top picks to help you create some of these looks:




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